The Chair


A comfortable chair with text: ‘It’s the comfy chair for you. Enjoy your retirement.’

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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The Comfy Chair

Here we have a retirement card featuring a chair with text: ‘It’s the comfy chair for you. Enjoy your retirement.’

Retirement is when you can settle into a comfy chair without the nagging thought that you ought to get up and get on.

Of course, you or I may have a comfy chair at home, but in this pell-mell world, who has place in their mind they can go to to simply be in one place without discomfort. There’s a thousand things to do, a million distractions and shiny objects. Who knows how to sit? The fact that we have mindfulness and meditation classes shows us that we don’t know how to stay in one place for two minutes.

Even when a person retires, their mind is racing and searching. It is the plague of the modern age.

The practice of breathing deeply and sustaining a long outward breath is not just for times of high stress. The extra oxygen in the lungs spreads throughout the body and creates optimism and peace of mind. It attunes one to the outer world and makes one sensitive to the task of going through it without crashing into it.

Monty Python

Monty Python made the chair famous with their sketch about the Spanish Inquisition threatening heretics with having to sit in it. The sheer ludicrous idea of punishment by comfort was how Pythons made the threat an instrument of their humour. Of course, everyone was a target for their humour, so any prospective retiree would not be immune. And with the ‘threat’ of inaction and having ‘nothing to do’, some might view a comfortable chair truly as an instrument of torture. What a world.

SKU: C0020

chair with text 'It's the comfy chair for you. Enjoy your retirement.'
The Chair