Wedding Dresses


Wedding dresses poster featuring a line of dresses hanging on a rack. Perfect for the bedroom.

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Wedding dresses poster featuring a line of dresses hanging on a rack. This poster would be perfect for the bedroom or a study where its calm and reflective mood would bring peace to the viewer. Who doesn’t need a little mental reset in this busy world.

Wedding dresses, wedding gowns, we use them interchangeably. What is a gown? It is a long dress worn on formal occasions. Where did its name come from?

The Origin Of Gown And Dress

The word ‘gown’ comes from the old French word meaning a robe or coat. And in the 1300s a gown was a loose outer garment such as a robe. By the 18th century the word was commonly used for what we now call a dress. So gown became relegated to the kind of long, flowing dress used for special occasions.

Then of course there are other kinds of gown that are more like the original use of the word. Academics wear gowns. Graduates wear gowns at the graduation ceremony. And we talk of ‘town and gown’ meaning the ordinary populace and the provosts, professors, and students at a university.

We also have hospital gowns, but no one wants to be reminded of those.

A dress on the other hand was in the 16th century any clothing at all depending upon who was wearing it. For a woman is was something with a skirt and a waist, with the idea that it was more than plain clothing. Rather, it was something to beautify the body.

Wedding Gowns Greeting Card

As well as this poster we also have Wedding Gowns available as a greeting card! it features the same range of gowns and ‘Congratulations’ written across the gowns.

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Wedding Dresses poster featuring a line of wedding gowns
Wedding Dresses