A Thank You card featuring the text ‘Thank You’ repeated nine times in various colours set against a half-tone background.

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Colours is a thank you card featuring the text ‘Thank You’ repeated several times in various colours, and set against a plain background. The colours progress from red to buff to yellow and through to green.

The word ‘thank’ comes from a root word meaning to think or to feel. What a lovely idea that the impetus to thank someone comes from an inner feeling or sense of obligation.

The word colour comes from an early proto Indo European root. Its meaning is a covering or something that conceals or hides. It is connected to the word for skin colour, otherwise complexion. It is analogous to hue, and hiw is an old English word for colour.

There are of course, other senses of the word, such as the colours of a troop of soldiers. Troops rally around the colours. Enemies deem it significant to overrun and take the colours of the opposing forces, and so on. Also, the word refers to and describes that owner for whom a rider rides a horse in a race. In the UK we probably think of the Queen’s colours as the most important of these

Colour In Music

Moreover the word is used where nothing is visible. For example, musicians talk about the colour in a composition. There they mean the tone of the instrument. That is to say, the timbre or quality of a sound that is not the frequency, the rhythm, or the amplitude. Instead it is the quality that is inherent in the instrument. To that end, the colour of the sound that a piano makes is different to the same notes strummed on a guitar or played on a clarinet. That is so even when the frequency, the rhythm, and the amplitude are the same in all the instruments.

Yet another use is for someone to colour up or redden with shame or embarrassment.

SKU: C0264

Text 'Thank You' repeated nine times in various colours set against half-tone background