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Cuddle A Guinea Pig


An Inspirational greeting card featuring a guinea pig and a banner with text ‘Cuddle A Guinea Pig’ and ‘Make The World A Better Place’

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Cuddle A Guinea Pig

Cuddle is an inspirational greeting card featuring a guinea pig and a banner with text ‘Cuddle A Guinea Pig’ and ‘Make The World A Better Place’

It is a fact not known to many that guinea pigs are the saviour of the world. Cuddle a guinea pig to feel the truth in the statement that they really ought to be ambassadors for world peace to the United Nations.

The idea of making the world a better place appeals to many of us. We could go so far as to say that underneath even the most hardened soul this desire fights for breath. For most of us, the idea remains that, a a nice idea. We don’t take it any further because we ourselves are struggling. Moreover, we simply believe that we do not know how to do it. Yet there are small things we can do and that we do in fact do. We smile at someone when we meet them in daily life. We ask after their health and about their lives.

The Rhythm Of Life

We do it without being cloying or clinging. We do it because we can feel the rhythm of the world and hear its heart beating, and we know that it is correct to join in and make our contribution to that rhythm. No one forces us, least of all ourselves, because kindness is that when it is freely given.

Smiles spread like ripples in a pond, so who knows what influence one smile may make? Who knows how far it will reach?

Still, we also know that their is a lot wrong in the world is an overwhelming place with a lot wrong in it. And therefore we may feel despair because of the size of the task of making a meaningful contribution.

Ethics Of The Fathers says that it is not up to us to complete the task of making the world better, but neither is it open to us to ignore the task of doing so. In a word, we do and we contribute what we can. And when we want a little inspiration ourselves, or to pass on to others, well cuddle a guinea pig and make the world a better place. We wrote more on the subject and you can read that by following this link.

SKU: C0272

Cuddle Greeting Card with a guinea pig and a banner with text 'Cuddle A Guinea Pig' and 'Make The World A Better Place'
Cuddle A Guinea Pig