The History Of Commercial Greeting Cards In The UK

The history of commercial greeting cards in the UK started in 1843 with Sir Henry Cole. Up until the middle of the 19th century, if you wanted a greeting card you made it yourself. That was fine if you only needed a few cards for friends and family, but Sir Henry Cole was a busy man and he needed lots of Christmas cards. Sir Henry was so busy that he not only helped found the … Read more

Appealing Image Backgrounds

Appealing image backgrounds in greeting cards means simple and clean backgrounds. If the backgrounds are complex, the small format swallows up the detail. And that makes the cards look fussy and unappealing. There are exceptions, and some artists create detailed drawings. They are ones that the viewer can pore over and seek out tiny surprising details. But generally speaking, images need to be simple and striking because cards are designed to sit on a table … Read more

Short Run Digital Printing

Short run digital printing is cost-effective and high quality. It opens the door to creative designers who also now have access to digital design tools. This article is about the benefits using digital printing to print greeting cards. Lets go back to lithographs and the days when images for commercial printing had to be drawn by hand. The technique of lithographic printing dates back to the end of the 18th century. The word comes from … Read more

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