Royal Mail Parent Company Asks Government to Agree Five Day Letter Delivery

What is this five day letter delivery? International Distribution Services PLC, the parent company of Royal Mail, published its half year results on 17 November. As several news outlets have commented, the section that deals with Royal Mail contains an unwelcome proposal. See the last point in the proposal below. Here is the section in the IDS results that relates to Royal Mail. Same-Day Dispatch Just think about a company that sends out goods to customers via … Read more

Lightning Base Web Hosting

We chose to host this site with Lightning Base after looking at what it offers and after reading the comparison of WordPress hosting performance on Review Signal. Lots of review websites recommend web hosts. Some are just fronts for a particular web host that the reviewer wants to push, and some simply rely on their readers’ opinions. Review Signal carries out its own benchmark tests, and we read the reviews of the sites it tests … Read more

The Next Big Thing In Cards

The next big thing in greeting cards: It’s always hard to glimpse what is beyond the horizon. Strategy is about how you get there. In Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why it Matters by Richard P. Rumelt‎, the author describes how companies repeatedly confuse their mission statement and their strategy. Good Strategy Mission statements are about what you want to achieve. Strategy is about how you are going to get there. Good strategy almost … Read more

Mixing E-Commerce Trade and Consumer Sales

Mixing trade and consumer sales in e-commerce can cause all kinds of problems. It is different to running a bricks-and-mortar shop. In a nutshell, you risk poor presentation, complex coding, and disappointed or annoyed customers. Imagine A Shop On The High Street Imagine a shop on the high street where anyone can look around at all the products. And imagine there are tags on some of the products marked ‘Trade Customers Only’. Or imagine there’s … Read more

A Guide For UK Businesses Selling In The USA

Selling in the USA is a minefield unless you know how to negotiate the issues. If you do, then the USA is an attractive place to do business. To introduce this article, Selling in the USA: A guide for UK Businesses, and to put it context, the text is based on my notes of a talk given at the Edinburgh Business School on 9th May 2016 by Robert C Dewar. Robert (Bob) Dewar works for … Read more

The History Of Commercial Greeting Cards In The UK

The history of commercial greeting cards in the UK started in 1843 with Sir Henry Cole. Up until the middle of the 19th century, if you wanted a greeting card you made it yourself. That was fine if you only needed a few cards for friends and family, but Sir Henry Cole was a busy man and he needed lots of Christmas cards. Sir Henry was so busy that he not only helped found the … Read more

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