Link By Stripe

This is about Link by Stripe, and how works to solve the problem of checkout friction by capturing certain customer information. Let’s start by outlining the problem and then how Link goes about solving it. If you are selling digital products, the only thing you need at checkout is the customer’s email address. But if you are selling physical products then you have to ship them. So you need the customer’s address to ship the … Read more

WooCommerce Or Shopify

WooCommerce Or Shopify? They are both e-commerce platforms, which means both of them are a way for businesses (including a one-man business) to create and run an online store. So which is better and what is the difference between them? Advantages of WooCommerce It is an open-source platform, meaning it is free to use. And there are tens of thousands of online stores using it. And it’s got a bright future because Automattic, the company … Read more

Should You Set Up A WooCommerce Online Store Selling Wholesale To Retailers?

Before we start, just to make it clear that we are talking about someone who sells online. What are the advantages of selling wholesale to retailers? Is it better than selling direct to consumers online? Selling wholesale, you sell larger quantities of your product in each sale. Retailers expect to buy multiples of a product, and you can set minimum order quantities or minimum order value. With WooCommerce there are plugins that enable you to … Read more

All About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is software that you add to a website that enables you to sell things. It is a WordPress plugin, which means it only works on websites built with WordPress. It was developed by Woothemes, a South African company. Then Automattic bought it in 2015. Automattic (note the double t in the name) owns, a hosting platform where anyone can host their website. Unsurprisingly, is built on the WordPress platform. Note that there … Read more

Checkout Friction

Checkout friction is every obstacle to completing a purchase. Imagine that you are a customer at the checkout. What is going to improve your e-commerce checkout experience and what is going to make it a poor experience? The longer and more difficult the process is between deciding to buy and being able to complete the purchase, the less chance of you completing the checkout. Rational doubt stalks the checkout, asking whether you really want that … Read more

Buying Friction

‘e-commerce checkout friction’ – a phrase that will be familiar to an online seller. On a website there are lots of places where friction can occur. A poor navigation menu or site structure will stop customers being able to find their way around. Unclear prices or delivery costs will stop customers proceeding. Incomprehensible, jargon-filled text will stop them too. And of course, a slow website will tire visitors and make them leave out of frustration. … Read more

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