Checkout Friction

Checkout friction is every obstacle to completing a purchase. Imagine that you are a customer at the checkout. What is going to improve your e-commerce checkout experience and what is going to make it a poor experience? The longer and more difficult the process is between deciding to buy and being able to complete the purchase, the less chance of you completing the checkout. Rational doubt stalks the checkout, asking whether you really want that … Read more

Buying Friction

‘e-commerce checkout friction’ – a phrase that will be familiar to an online seller. On a website there are lots of places where friction can occur. A poor navigation menu or site structure will stop customers being able to find their way around. Unclear prices or delivery costs will stop customers proceeding. Incomprehensible, jargon-filled text will stop them too. And of course, a slow website will tire visitors and make them leave out of frustration. … Read more

Which Platform For Selling Online?

When you are starting out, which is the best platform for selling products online? I’ll tell you what the different platforms offer, but let’s start with a plain English definition of a platform. A platform is the code that makes an online store work. Fix that in your mind because not realising that causes no end of confusion to people who hear the word ‘platform’. They think they have understood it, but they haven’t. So, … Read more

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