A Guinea Pig Birthday Card To Admire

Butterscotch Guinea Pig Greeting Card with a guinea pig with butterscotch and white colouring, set against a dark background and with a speech bubble and text, 'Would you mind awfully if I were to wish you a happy birthday?'

Our Butterscotch Guinea Pig Birthday Card features this timid guinea pig. Just look at that butterscotch and white colouring.

She is asking, ‘Would you mind awfully if I were to wish you a happy birthday?’

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This card one of five Guinea Pig birthday cards in our catalogue.

There are also eight ‘everyday’ guinea pig greeting cards in the catalogue – with more to come with our Valentine’s Day cards, as you can read later on in this article.

Guinea Pigs Are Such Characters

The nice thing about making these cards is that guinea pigs are such characters, and their little faces just cry our for a sympathetic message.

Piggy greeting card with a gentle guinea pig or piggy and text, 'Happy Birthday'

This is Piggy, a birthday card with a guinea pig look right back at you with that adorable sensitivity that piggies are so loved for.

Topping off the picture is Happy Birthday printed in contrasting colours against contrasting backgrounds that match the guinea pig’s colouring.

And there you have it: Piggy Birthday Card for guinea pig lovers and all people everywhere. Doesn’t it just melt your heart? We like to call that special hold that these little animals have over us, as the power of the powerless.

Guinea pigs have a soothing effect on the heart. Which is why they should be appointed as ambassadors to the United Nations – or in this case, be given responsibility for delivering birthday wishes.

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Love Me, Love My Whiskers

This My Whiskers greeting card has a close-up of a guinea pig with a crest on its forehead, and text ‘Love Me Love My Whiskers’. The crest is something that only certain kinds of guinea pigs have. There are American or white crested guinea pigs. They have a tuft of white hair on their crown.

My Whiskers Guinea Pig greeting card with a close-up of a guinea pig with a crest on its forehead, set against a dark background and text 'Love Me Love My Whiskers'

That’s different from English or self crested guinea pigs. The tuft of hair at their crown is the same colour as the rest of their fur. So can we see from the angle of this photo whether the parting that makes a little crest or crown is white or the same colour as the rest of its fur? What do you think?

Whether American White or English self-crested, the message to ‘Love Me Love My Whiskers’ is romantic, friendly, and appealing. Who can resist it and the piggy’s oh-so-sweet expression?

Imagine it displayed on a mantelpiece, or a bookshelf, or a table.

Don’t you think this card would catch your eye from right across the room?

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Where Do We Get Our Subjects

It’s been a while since we had any guinea pigs as pets, and yet the ones we had often come up in conversation. We always had two of them at any one time because we know that they are social animals and like the company of their fellow guinea pigs. It’s a tiny bit of a sad tale, but when one of our piggies was ill, the other was in the strangest of moods. It was disturbed and didn’t know what to do.

Guinea Pig Bonding

When our poorly guinea pig died, our other piggy India went into itself. It ate and it looked healthy physically, but we could tell it was suffering. It was distraught. So we took it to the pet shop and the man their put a young guinea pig in the box with ours. Oh oh, wrong sex. The man in the shop had chosen a male. He hadn’t meant to, but it is difficult to sex these animals when they are young.

Then he put Audrey in the box next to India. Oh boy, the two snuggled together in a split second like they were designed to fit together. it was so quick, so instantaneous, that we remember it still, years later.

Be Mine Valentine's Day Card with a guinea pig in a fez and text Be Mine

What can we say about why we like these animals. We like their little bodies, their ways, the softness of them. We like to call them ambassadors for world peace because they would melt the heart of anyone.

Ambassador For World Peace

Can you imagine the ambassador guinea pig speaking at the United Nations, bringing people together with the love of her message?

We photographed our guinea pigs because we loved them.

We did not imagine the day would come when we would make greeting cards and they would become the subjects in some of them.

My wife and I remember when we took this photograph of Audrey, our guinea pig, who was sitting in an upturned fez on our coffee table.

As my wife walked away across the room, Audrey lifted her head and gave the most heart-rending screech.

We comforted her and told her that everything was OK and in a couple of seconds she was back to normal as if nothing had happened.

Now fast forward to this month, and we have used the photograph and added the words ‘Be Mine’ to make a Valentine card. There are eighteen Valentine’s cards in the ‘ready to print’ drawer, and two of them feature guinea pigs. There is also a duck and an elephant!

Last But Not Least

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