How To Write An Anniversary Card

The words in an anniversary card are the perfect way to show you care, and when it comes knowing how to write an anniversary card the starting point of course has to be your relationship to the recipient.

Remember it’s not the number of words that count when you’re writing an anniversary card, but the meaning behind those words.

And whether you’re writing it to send your congratulations to a couple, to share a memory, or to tell your partner how much you love them, a card will add joy to the occasion.

Husband, wife, parents or friend; here are our tips on how to write an anniversary card.

To A Couple

When you’re writing an anniversary card for your favourite couple then it’s important to make sure you include something specific about them. And making it real is what is going to cut through the overly romantic that

small round table covered with a tablecloth. There is an ice bucket and a bottle of champagne on the table. Also on the table is also a picture frame with an image of a red heart and text 'Happy Anniversary'

This is what will make your card stand out and make it memorable, for example:

– The two of you are an inspiration for those of us lucky enough to know you.

– Knowing you two and how your relationship has developed through the years has given me a great deal of hope and joy.

– Happy anniversary. You are an inspiration through the commitment you have put in to making your marriage work.

For A Spouse Or Partner

When it’s your own anniversary card that you’re writing then you have to make sure it’s right (no pressure). This is your chance to really remind your partner how much you love them and need them in your life.

This is the time to dig into one’s emotions and put all the good feelings on top of whatever other emotions one might feel. After all, learning to love deeply does not come naturally to us. We could point to all the break-ups and divorces to know that that is true. Recognising that we are unlikely to be in a relationship that is smooth sailing with no arguments, is realistic. Knowing that the healing a relationship after a disagreement is part of the relationship – that we can’t have one without the other because the two make a pair – helps with those positive words.

An anniversary card is an opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to your future together. Of course, if you’re not usually effusive with your words, you don’t have to transform yourself in to one of the Romantic poets to get the message across. But it is time to shake off the embarrassment of sharing your deepest positive feelings and write down what you feel.

Remember you’re writing to your significant other, so fill it with happy memories that are personal to the two of you. Here are three examples to get you started:

Time flies when we’re having fun! Thanks for making the past years such a great time. Here’s to many more…

You know I’m not great with words but I just wanted to say thank you for loving me and for giving me support.

Anniversaries come and go, but my love for you will be forever.

Be Funny

Anniversary cards are not only a place where you exchange words of love and gratitude: They can also be somewhere you can express your humour and personality. Share a funny anecdote or story about the person receiving the card, just make sure it’s something you both find funny. Now is not the time for ribbing the other person.

Remember Milestones

Milestone anniversaries are a big deal so make sure that you tailor your message to reflect that.

In the UK the gift that mark first anniversary is something made of cotton. The second is paper and the third is leather. The fourth is fruit and the fifth is wood. The sixth is sugar and the seventh is wool. The eighth is sale and the ninth is copper.

An anniversary card with a bunch of purple Lisianthus flowers set against a pale cream background and text 'Happy Anniversary'

Which brings us to the tenth, which is tin. After that is goes up in fives, and of course the materials become scarcer and more valuable. So the fifteenth is crystal and the twentieth is china.

Now it is getting really valuable, and the 25th is silver. The 30th is pearl and the 40th is ruby. Who hasn’t heard of a ruby anniversary?

Gold comes in at the 50th year and diamond at the 60th.

If you are lucky enough to have those years together with your spouse or partner, you probably know just the words to put in your card. But if you are feeling reticent, remember that what springs from the heart reaches the heart, so write on!

How To write An Anniversary Card

Once more with feeling, as they say. Remember it’s not the number of words that count when you’re writing an anniversary card, but the meaning behind those words.

How To Buy An Anniversary Card

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We can’t leave this article without that one-liner that a wife can strike terror in her husband just by saying the word ‘anniversary’.

Seriously, – good luck and continued good fortune to all those blessed enough to be in a relationship. Hard as they can be, they are the playground (sometimes the battleground) to learn how to be human. It’s true, isn’t it?

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