No Brexit Greeting Cards

No Brexit Greeting Cards with Biscuit tin with meaningless 'Biscuit Means Biscuit' and made to Mrs May's secret recipe, guaranteed not to rise to the occasion.

No Brexit Greeting Cards from us here at Flying Twigs is a labour of love and pain. We are firmly in the ‘No Brexit’ camp. And this is not primarily because of the economic consequences although they look dire enough.

It’s because pulling up the drawbridge will cut us off culturally from Europe – and we need Europe. Europe needs us but we definitely need Europe.

These ‘No Brexit’ greeting cards are our humorous take on a serious subject.

We need to be part of Europe. That is, we need to be able to immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds and conversations of Europe.

Comfortable In Europe

We need to be able to feel comfortable in Europe. That includes everything from chatting about food, comparing how we dress, the things we and they think are important… These observations and interactions change us for the better when we have open minds.

We don’t need any barriers, and certainly no extra barriers. And that includes whether it is lines of people stacking up in the passport queues, or anything else. We don’t need any barriers that signal that we are over the border and into ‘foreigner’ territory. We need to feel that Europe is ours and we are part of Europe.

No Brexit Greeting Cards From Flying Twigs

So we have nailed our colours to the mast with a series of No Brexit greeting cards. They are a spoof, a satire that are intended to poke fun at Brexit.

There are two themes. One is a pastiche that imitates the style of wartime public information posters. They are the kind that exhorted the population to do its bit. That could be to conserve energy, keep transport free for essential workers, etc. In a word, to make do with less in difficult ‘post Brexit’ times. Of course, we hope those times never come to pass and that Brexit is avoided.

The other theme for these ‘No Brexit’ greeting cards is a pastiche of film, theatre, and gig posters. They tell of the dire consequences of Brexit. Or they tell the thrilling tales of suspense about how we conquered Brexit and stayed in the EU.

The Future, Is There One?

Well of course there is a future. But the prospects for a rosy future outside the EU are getting clearer by the day. And the prospects of rosy times ahead are getting less and less likely. From fruit rotting in the fields to no nurses and doctors in our hospitals, the danger looms. And it makes one wonder why everyone isn’t crying the message from the rooftops of ‘Danger! Brexit Cliff Ahead’.

We hear that there are umpteen MPs who are sitting on the fence. They are waiting for a clear enough sign that they can stand up united. Will they stand and oppose this farce of a Brexit exit?

What will it take to make them rise up? Maybe these cards and a thousand other messages will nudge them past the tipping point.

Because Brexit really is a farce, these cards will wing their way hither and thither. We hope they will change some minds and give someone a laugh.

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