Thinking Of You and Friendship

Thinking of you and friendship go hand in hand like a horse and carriage. So how to approach writing the message in a card for a friend?

These are three hallmarks of friendship. First that the other person is in your thoughts. Second, that you think well of them and want the best for them. Third, and last but not least that you respect them and feel that you are the lucky one in the relationship – that you have the benefit of their friendship.

When you want to write a thinking of you card to a friend, hold these thoughts in your head and the words should just flow – straight from the heart.

OK, your mind has gone blank. So here are some ideas of what you can write.

Thinking Of You Ideas

Tell them the qualities that make them unique, such as their originality, honesty, generosity, and kindness. Perhaps it’s their insights and the way they help you negotiate life. Whatever their qualities are that make them a valuable and unique person – home in on those.

When they read these words they will think of you and it will heighten their feelings for you. And in that way they can give you the benefit of their qualities all the more. That may seem selfish but it isn’t. You are giving them the opportunity to be them – and the benefit rubs off on you. It’s a bonus.

If you are going to tell them you are grateful for their friendship then you can be specific. Yes, you can.

Maybe it’s their unwavering support during even the most seemingly ordinary conversations. Friends can support during challenging times, but creating something meaningful out of ordinary times can be sublime.

Maybe you share laughs together and somehow through those moments your friend plays his or her part in reinforcing the significance and value of your bond.

Lend An Ear, Extend A Hand

One of the qualities in a friend we all like is a listening ear. If times are tough, then a squeeze of the arm, a hand on the shoulder or a comforting hug can put the world right. It can take a huge load off a person’s shoulders. Hold that feeling and tell them how much you appreciate what they do.

And for your part, you can let your friend know that they are not alone, and that you are always available for them. You can tell them that you are there for them whether they need a heartfelt conversation, a moment to stop and rest, or a simple reminder that brighter days lie ahead. A thoughtful ‘thinking of you’ card for your friend can leave a lasting impression, reflecting the depth and authenticity of your friendship. So make it a good one.

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