Friendship Cards

Friendship Cards

Friendship cards are cards to give or send to a friend, perhaps a close friend, perhaps a friend in need.

Specifically, I need to tell myself to send cards to friends. I get this idea that it doesn’t need to be done, and I have to remind myself that we all need encouragement and validation from those we care about.

Friendship cards work best when the image and the words home in on some aspect of the recipient’s character. That shows that the sender knows the other person well. And that reinforces the bond between them. In other words, cards help to cement friendships. Again, it is clear and obvious. And yet it’s not always easy to find a range of cards that fits the bill, so we hope that ours do just that.

With that in mind, here’s a run-down of some of them.

All Ears Card

This is definitely a greeting card for a friend. When the shee says ‘I’m all ears’ it is saying it is interested in the other person’s life. Something has happened and the sheep wants to know the details. That is not to say it is being nosey. Rather, it is involved with the other person and wants to know what the other person has to say.

Then there’s the Worms card. It features a can of worms and a can opener with worms wriggling out of the can. In addition it has the text ‘I know this might be opening a can of worms..’ What better way to broach a sensitive subject?

Make Up Card

Misunderstandings are part of life. That’s what this card for friendship highlights with its call ‘Can We Make Up?’. And by featuring a zebra it makes a play on the words ‘Not Everything Is Black And White’

In other words, every person brings their own view to human relations. And everyone sees things a bit differently. In consequence, we can rarely say that things are black and white.

Chairs Card

This is a particular favourite. That is to say, we are fond of the red chair that stands on a tiled floor. What is more, we are fond of the quotation from Henry David Thoreau that one chair is for solitude, two are for friendship, and three are for society.

Together Card

This card for friendship features two Crowned cranes standing together, and the text ‘Better Together’. More specifically, together means being of one mind and working towards the same goal.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said that love does not consist in looking at one another but in looking together in the same direction. He could have said the same for friendship. And that is the hallmark of an enduring friendship, that friends see things the same way, and they see them together.

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