What Does An 11oz Mug Weigh

We’re talking about the empty mug, before the coffee is added. In the great scheme of things, knowing how much an 11oz mug weighs is comparatively unimportant. But life is made up of small pleasures, and a mug that is a pleasure to lift to one’s lips is one of them. So when we decided to sell mugs we knew it was important that we used a mug that wasn’t too heavy. We also knew that we were going to work with a company that would print our designs. So we needed the two to come together.

11oz mug with printed flower design

Not to go overboard with how responsible we are as a company, but without standards there’s nothing to be satisfied with. And we definitely feel responsible for passing on a product that people will enjoy using.

Our first step was to weigh all the mugs we ourselves own, and we have a lot. That gave us a baseline, and then we just needed to find a reliable printer that used mugs that were light enough.

That turned out to be a bigger exercise than you can imagine, because surprisingly, some printers don’t know how much their mugs weigh.

Before we even get to that, you have to wonder why manufacturers make heavy mugs. The answer is as you would expect, money. Heavy mugs are cheaper to manufacture because they are made with a less expensive clay. The downside is that have to be thicker – and therefore heavier – because the clay is not as strong.

What Is An 11oz Mug

When catalogues list 11oz mugs, they are not describing the weight of the mug. They are talking about the amount of liquid that the mug will hold. An 11oz mug is popular, and of course, it holds 11oz of liquid, which is equivalent to 312ml of liquid.

The weight of the mug itself varies from one manufacturer to another, and not every online shop tells you the weight of the mugs they sell. They may have never weighed the mugs. As I said, even printers themselves sometimes do not know how much their mugs weigh. I know that’s so because I did the rounds, looking at the spec sheets and if necessary asking printers how much their mugs weigh. And sometimes they didn’t know, and said they would have to get someone on the shop floor to weigh a mug and get back to me.

At the end of that exercise and based on an acceptable weight, and the quality of the printing, we chose our printer. We chose a printer in the UK so that even with print on demand, we could ensure a pretty fast turnaround. And then we ordered three mugs with different designs for ourselves, so that we could be sure of the quality of the product.

The mugs we sell – the mugs our printer uses – weigh 327g. Some mugs we enquired about weigh a third more than that. And that is why it is important to know what an 11oz mug weighs, even in the grand scheme of things.

Don’t hold me to these weights, but this is what I discovered when looking at other companies:
Giftflow 327g
Printful 354g
CustomCat 450g
Gelato 346g

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