Why We Chose Lightning Base Web Hosting

We chose to host this site with Lightning Base after looking at what it offers and after reading the comparison of WordPress hosting performance on Review Signal. There are quite a number of websites that recommend web hosts, but some of them are untrustworthy and some simply rely on their readers’ opinions.

Review Signal carries out its own tests and we read the review each year. For the category ‘Under $25/month WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks’ for 2019, this is what Review Signal has to say about Lightning Base:

A model of consistency in these tests. 99.999/100% uptimes and 0 errors across both load tests. Year after year, Lightning Base earns itself Top Tier status in these tests. Another year, another amazing job.

Chart showing load time and uptime of Flying Twigs hosted on Lightning Base

We monitor the load times for our websites. We use StatusCake to do that, and here is a screen grab of our StatusCake monitor of Flying Twigs. To the right of it you can see the monitor for another web site that we manage.

I have masked out the name but I can tell you that our other website is hosted with Digital Ocean on a VPS . The speed with which Flying Twigs loads is a testament to the quality of hosting on a shared server with Lightning Base.

Consider this: It take approximately 300 milliseconds to blink. That is 0.3 seconds. In other words, Flying Twigs loads is less time than it takes to blink.

For the price and service, Lighting Base has given us what we think is the best web hosting for WordPress, and for a small business.

Their hosting includes:

  • cPanel
  • staging sites
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • LiteSpeed caching

So I have no hesitation in recommending them. For the price they are an extremely good and reliable deal.

What the testing by Review Signal includes

Load Storm Testing

(Load Storm is designed to simulate real users visiting the site, logging in and browsing. It tests uncached performance.)

Load Impact Testing

(Load Impact is designed to test cached performance by repeatedly requesting the homepage.)
Uptime Monitoring
(Monitors whether and for how long a website is down during a given period)


(WebPageTest fully loads the homepage and records how long it takes from 11 different locations around the world.)


(WPPerformanceTester performs two benchmarks. One is a WordPress (WP Bench) and the other a PHP benchmark. WP Bench measures how many WP queries per second and higher tends to be better (varies considerably by architecture). PHP Bench performs a lot of computational and some database operations which are measured in seconds to complete.)

Qualsys SSL Report Grade

(SSL Server Test runs by ssllabs performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet)


For $19.95/month you can host three WordPress Sites, 25,000 Pageviews, 5GB SSD Storage, 25GB Transfer, and 50GB CDN on Lightning Base.

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