The History of Sheep Breeding

We at Flying Twigs love sheep. We can spend a happy hour watching them being sheep in a field. And as with many things that people love, once they see what is before their eyes, they want to know more about what they are actually seeing. And they want to know how things came to be as they are. So we educated ourselves about sheep, and learned that sheep breeding in Britain is not a … Read more

Which Platform For Selling Online?

When you are starting out, which is the best platform for selling products online? I’ll tell you what the different platforms offer, but let’s start with a plain English definition of a platform. A platform is the code that makes an online store work. Fix that in your mind because not realising that causes no end of confusion to people who hear the word ‘platform’. They think they have understood it, but they haven’t. So, … Read more

Planning A Set Of Postcards

We are in the middle of deciding whether to market sets of postcards. We are thinking of five to a set. Here are the first fifteen designs. The postcards would be the ‘normal’ 6x4inch (15x10cm) size, printed on heavyweight card so that they feel as classy as they look. And the backs of the postcards would be a typical layout. The fifteen designs we have come up with is not a huge number, and before … Read more

Dogue de Bordeaux

Before we get into the origin of the Dogue de Bordeaux breed, here’s how this one came to feature in this Get Well card. What happened was that I was walking on the Links in Edinburgh. The Links is a lovely grassed area that got its name from being the first place that golf was played. That may be world wide or it may be in Scotland – authorities differ on the subject. Whatever the … Read more

Romer’s Gap In The Fossil Record

Romer’s Gap is the name given to a gap in the fossil record where there was no fossil evidence of life on land over a huge period. The connection for us is that we lived in Edinburgh before moving to Cambridge. And that wonderful city has tremendous museums. Specifically, in the National Museum Of Scotland is an exhibit of Balanerpeton Woodi. And it has a very local connection to Edinburgh. 350 million years ago, Scotland … Read more

Oh, How We Laughed

Oh, how we laughed, with bitter tears we laughed. As the ship ran onto the rocks we stared at the captain and crew. What did they know that led them to grind over the rocks, reversing into the sea beyond? Did they not know or care that the ship could sink? Why did they drive on so relentlessly? Have you read British Foreign Policy Since Suez 1956-1968 by Donald Maclean? If the name rings a … Read more

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