The Newest Cards In Our Catalogue

This page displays the newest cards in our catalogue. They are the ones we added to the catalogue most recently. This page is a floating display, meaning that it automatically displays the most recently added. Therefore, from time to time you will see the images on this page change. Some will disappear as they are bumped off the list by newer products. Of course that does not mean that they disappear, and you can find them in their respective categories.

Displaying the newest cards in our catalogue on this page is simply a way to keep the newest cards front and centre. We do this for long-time customers who want to see what’s new. If this is your first visit, then you can find all the cards by browsing the categories. And that includes the ones shown here.

The Newest Cards In Our Catalogue

Again, if this your first time here, you will see the categories are divided into occasions and ranges. The intent is to make it easier to split the list. It’s designed to direct you to occasions such as birthdays or more general ranges such as inspirational or romantic cards. It is worthwhile for you to browse the names of the categories. It is designed to help you home in on what you want to find the perfect products for you.

Clicking on any of the images on this page will take you to the product page for that card. Or you can add cards to your basket directly from this page.

When We Add New Products

Just so you know, we typically add new products to the catalogue once or twice a year. We try to coincide it with when we need to order new stock for prodcuts that are low in stock. The reason is that one of the overheads of the business is the cost of transport. It is cost efficient to transport more cards in one pack rather than fewer because the greater the number of cards, the lower the unit cost of transport.

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