Finding The Perfect Card

Finding the perfect card is a simple task when you know what you are looking for. And cards for occasions are a perfect example. When you are looking for a birthday card, you head straight for the Birthday Cards section. Simple!

Now, as you will see when you hover over ‘Cards’ menu bar, we have three sections – cards for occasions, card in ranges, and sets of cards.

Narrowing down the search to finding the perfect in the card Ranges is different than looking for a card for a specific occasion. What do you choose? Something with Animals? Maybe something in the Everyday range, Or a card featuring Flowers? Maybe you should head straight for the Friendship range, but maybe you want something a bit more free form.

The bottom line is that we here at Flying Twigs know from experience that sometimes people (perhaps you?) appreciate help in narrowing down the perfect card for them.

So on this page we have highlighted some of our best loved cards, with a tour around our greeting card ranges.

From the Humour Range of Greeting Cards

First up are four cards in the Humorous Greeting Cards category. Good for any time from simply keeping in touch to tickling the funny bone of someone who’s down in the dumps.

From the Animal Range of Greeting Cards

Let’s talk to the animals – from cuddly to magnificent – here are four from our Animal Greeting Cards.

From the Romance Range of Greeting Cards

And then there is Romance, that thing that makes the heart beat faster, that causes chemicals to slosh and swirl around the body, In a split second it ruins the ability to think clearly, sending our critical faculties disappearing rapidly over the horizon.

From the Inspiration Range of Greeting Cards

We all (almost all) of use like to be inspired. Sometimes those motivational quotes and images can be all someone needs to get them going, can put them back in touch with the things that matter., that tell us we can do it, we can definitely do it!

And if we want to break free instead of following the pack and making it to the top and leaving our souls behind – then Swim Different!

From the Thank You Range of Greeting Cards

To top off this tour around some of the ranges, let’s look at Thank You Greeting Cards. It seems sometimes that the civilities that were once second nature, are failing us. When we receive something nice, we should say thank you.

When we say thank you we are completing the circle. Not to do so leaves the other person hanging, wondering whether the person received the gift, did they like it, did they appreciate it? A thank you is a small thing that can wrap up a big bundle of emotions.

That’s all folks, as Bugs Bunney says – and we hope you have find our introduction to finding the perfect card useful! Not to forget that to our specification our printers use card stock that produces a high quality print and finish to every card. And our cards are environmentally friendly and printed in the UK.

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