We specialise in designing greeting cards, posters, prints, mugs, and accessories. Our aim is to design products that foster connection, warmth, positive attitudes, and respect. We use good quality materials and produce our products in the UK at reasonable cost. And we work to ensure delivery is timely and reliable.

What motivates us is the understanding that a card that is sent from one person to another makes a bond that is worth fostering..

The Materials We Use

We use card-stock for our greeting cards that has a writing surface inside that takes writing without smudging. We use Condat and Invercote, both thick cards with a nice snap. Latterly we have been using Invercote because it has a slightly whiter base colour. That said, both are crisp and take ink well to produce a high-quality finish.

Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy is to have our cards printed by printers who only use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials. FSC certification means that the board is sourced from responsibly managed forests, uses sustainable, recycled materials, and does not use fibres from illegally logged trees.

We package our cards in cellophane wrappers for the simple reason that we have thousands of wrappers. We bought stock before other systems of keeping a card and an envelope together, became available. There is no sense in trashing the wrappers, so we will continue to use them while we have stocks.

Think back to the time before cellophane wrappers. You hunted for suitable envelopes to fit the cards. And you would not buy some cards because they were dog-eared. The same with some of the envelopes. After all, how could you show you cared when the card was dog-eared? Plastic wrappers solved those problems. And who knew it would be the cause of a greater environmental problem? If you want to read more, take a look at The Next Big Thing In Cards. It’s an article we wrote about environmental awareness in packaging.

Initiatives We Support

As well as using printers with high environmental standards, we support organisations that work to reduce:

  • Overfishing, including the use of giant trawl nets that scrape the ocean floor;
  • The use of pesticides that are implicated in causing Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees;
  • The ‘zero grazing’ policy of livestock management;
  • Habitat destruction that is an existential threat to the environment and human beings worldwide.

Further than that, you might want to read our article on World Environment Day. We asked what there is to celebrate. The world is in a precarious position. Perhaps this is the first time in history when we get a sense of the danger we are in. We have a choice. Either we have the will to pull back and rescue the planet and ourselves from destruction, or the world will teach us the hard way.

About This Website

This site is built on WordPress and the e-commerce functionality is built on WooCommerce. If you are an independent publisher, and would like help to build your site, please contact us. We will be happy to give advice and help. If appropriate we may be able to build your site for you.

About Us

We are a husband and wife team and we create the designs in our studio in Cambridge. Of course, we do not exist alone. The printers we use and the distribution centre that holds our stock support us. For ourselves, we have a wide range of interests, from travel to literature, music, dance and more. Cambridge is a lovely town to explore, and this is a view over the River Cam, not far from our studio.

About Flying Twigs illustrated with a view from one of the bridges over the river Cam looking onto the Backs of the Colleges of Cambridge University where we walk for inspiration


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