Looking for positive greeting cards to send to friends & family? Flying Twigs offers gorgeous cards & posters, with top-notch printing & speedy delivery.

Our Background

We, Tamara and David, are the partnership behind Flying Twigs. We both like travelling and we have both lived and worked in different countries. We love nature, and you will see that interest reflected in the animals, birds, and flowers that feature in our cards. And we are committed to helping nature and the natural environment.

Our studio is in Cambridge, and the view in this photo is a view from one of the bridges over the river Cam looking onto the Backs of the Colleges of Cambridge University. It is one of our favourite stopping places on long walks.

View from one of the bridges over the river Cam looking onto the Backs of the Colleges of Cambridge University

Designing Cards

The process when we design cards is to look for the positive things in life and in people. That’s why you can say that our mission is to help foster relationships through greeting cards.

Therefore, we don’t make cards that are crass or that ridicule people or would embarrass someone if the card were put on a mantelpiece.

When you think about it, greeting cards are different from most things that people buy. People buy most things to keep or to use. But greeting cards are one of those few things that we buy with the intention of giving away.

We like to think of that when are designing cards. We think about the transaction after you have bought the card, when you give it or send it to someone.  They are going to open the envelope and look at the card. And we hope they are going to fall in love with it a little bit. Perhaps they will put it on display on a mantelpiece, or a kitchen table.

However a card is displayed, when we design greeting cards we work to make a design that looks good close up and that also catch the eye ‘across a crowded room’, to borrow a phrase.