To ensure a high standard in our choice of materials and printing, we use card-stock with a surface inside that takes writing without smudging.

Our posters are printed on thick, museum-quality, archival, acid-free, durable, matte paper. Our framed prints are printed on a dense foam core sandwiched between two pieces of reinforced wood making a rigid and strong, yet lightweight and portable mount.

And we use printers who are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. They are committed to the use of sustainable, recycled materials and to a ban on materials from illegally logged trees.

About The Environment

Our motto is ‘Sharing respect, appreciation, and love for animals and the environment through greeting cards, posters, and prints.’

As well as using printers with high environmental standards, we support the protection of the natural environment and organisations that work to reduce:

  • Overfishing, including the use of giant trawl nets that scrape the ocean floor;
  • The use of pesticides that are implicated in causing Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees;
  • The ‘zero grazing’ policy of livestock management;
  • Habitat destruction that is an existential threat to the environment and human beings worldwide.

This Website

This site is built on WordPress and the e-commerce functionality is built on WooCommerce. If you are an independent publisher, and would like help to build your site, please contact us. We will be happy to give advice and help. If appropriate we may be able to build your site for you.

About Flying Twigs illustrated with a view from one of the bridges over the river Cam looking onto the Backs of the Colleges of Cambridge University where we walk for inspiration

This is a view over the River Cam in Cambridge, not far from our studio.

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