Welcome! You’ve reached the About Us page of Flying Twigs.

Flying Twigs is a website for people who like greeting cards. Our mission is to help connect people to cards, whether through our online shop or through the articles on our blog.


What you can say about us is that we design cards that look for the positive things in life and in people. Therefore, we don’t make cards that are crass or that ridicule people or would embarrass someone if the card were put on a mantelpiece: they are just not our thing.

Because greeting cards are one of the few things people buy that are meant to be given away, when we are designing we have to think about the customer and the person to whom the card will be eventually be given – so that’s what we do.

We think of the typical viewing distance. People often look at cards when they are holding them in their hand. But cards are also often put ‘proudly on display’ on a mantelpiece, or a side table, or a cabinet. So we design greeting cards that look good close up and that also catch the eye ‘across a crowded room’, to borrow a phrase.

The photos in the cards are ones we’ve taken – locally and on our travels.


Designing cards is one half of the business, the buying process is the other. We strive to give customers an easy, straightforward, and secure buying experience. Our website is monitored and we use best security practises. That commitment is about us. It is what we would want when buying anything, so we strive offer that when others buy from us.


What more about us? We travel a lot, and we have both lived and worked in different countries. We love nature, and you will see that interest reflected in the animals, birds, and flowers that feature in our cards. We are also committed to help the continuance of nature and the natural environment.

We are based in Cambridge, and the view in this photo is a view from one of the bridges over the river Cam looking onto the Backs of the Colleges of Cambridge University. It is one of our favourite stopping places on long walks.

View from one of the bridges over the river Cam looking onto the Backs of the Colleges of Cambridge University