About Flying Twigs illustrated with a view from one of the bridges over the river Cam looking onto the Backs of the Colleges of Cambridge University where we walk for inspiration

We are based in Cambridge, designing and selling greeting cards direct to consumers in the UK. The scene in this photograph, of the River Cam near the Colleges, is about a mile from our office.

We use printing firms that source card from responsibly managed forests, use sustainable materials and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Initiatives We Support

We support organisations that work to reduce:

  • Overfishing, including the use of giant trawl nets that scrape the ocean floor;
  • The use of pesticides that cause Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees;
  • The ‘zero grazing’ policy of livestock management;
  • Habitat destruction that is an existential threat to the environment and human beings worldwide.


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