Animal Cards

Animal Cards

We have sixteen greeting cards in the Animal cards category currently.

The first in this category is Black Eyes, a greeting card that features a photograph of a rabbit. And its a rabbit with black eyes of course. The rabbit is mostly white with a smudge of a brown nose and big upright ears. Then comes the Victoria Crowned Pigeon greeting card that features the pigeon in profile. Look at it showing off its spectacular head feathers.

The next in the range is a red deer that we photographed at a Safari park in the south of England. We photographed the owl with green eyes in a display at a nature reserve in England, too.

The UK Is Blessed With Lots Of Places To See Animals

The UK is blessed with lots of places to see animals, despite not being an exotic location. And despite it having a high population density.

Believe it or not, we saw the Abyssinian Wild ass in the UK as well. It was walking towards us and seemed to be saying hello as it came forward. A few minutes later is was rearing up and fighting with another Abyssinian Wild ass. We photographed this one with its teeth bared, trying to chomp on its pal’s back.  And yes, we saw the jaguar in the UK, too, in a zoo. A fine animal, stretched out with its head on a log, catching the rays of the sun. And then there are the Koi carp, which one finds in lots of places in the UK. There are some in a pond in one of the Cambridge College gardens. That’s not more than a mile from here where I am writing this.

The Heavily Pregnant Ewe

Then comes this heavily pregnant ewe. She was in a tent with about twenty-five or thirty others. Actually there may have been more, but that is what I picture from memory. All the ewes were almost ready to give birth, and that is how the farmer likes it. He lets them out to be impregnated, and the ram gets around the flock in a day or two. When labour is near, the farmer puts all his ewes in one place. That way the hormones rising from their bodies encourages the late ones. That’s why pregnant women should not go anywhere near pregnant ewes in case it starts their own labour.

Now we come to the Herdwick ram, a wonderful creature. It has a history that includes Beatrix Potter and her efforts to save the breed from extinction. So what have we next? A rocking red rooster or cockerel. And a Scops owl winking, which I took some years ago and is still one of my favourite photographs. Then the Amur or Siberian tiger – endangered in the wild and a magnificent animal with paws the size of desert plates.

The next card features a Weimaraner dog sitting on a settee, for all the world as though it owns the place.  And then the lovely whiskered guinea pig that has delighted hearts wherever it is seen and admired. And a close-up of a white horse. such a gentle beauty. We end with the zebra, and they are animals we have seen here in the UK and in other countries including on the Cape in South Africa, running wild.

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