Animal Cards

Our animal greeting cards carry the same message every time – intimate portraits that show the dignity and beauty of the animal. That sentiment carries through every card in the range, whether it’s a dog with its tail pointing to its quarry and its head turned to its master or a black-faced sheep on the hills. It shows in the potrait of a rabbit looking vulnerable and intimate and equally in a tiger looking majestic. And here there is a white horse with its white eyelashes so intimate and peaceful.

Whatever the animal we have portrayed it with dignity and care. Enjoy the zebra, the Pacific crowned pigeon, and the pygmy owl. See the Herdwick ram, the Abyssinian ass, the Amur tiger, the cockerel, the Red deer, the guinea pig, the Weimaraner dog, the heavily pregnant ewe, and the Scops owl.

Every portrait means something, and we challenge you to look and not be moved. In a nutshell, there’s a card for you and there’s something for every taste.

Cards are supplied with white envelopes and dispatched by First Class Royal Mail.

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