Thank You Cards

Sending thank you cards makes us more positive, more resilient and improves our relationships. And so it is no surprise that nearly all of our thank you cards contain the telling words ‘Thank you’.

So here are some tips to get to it and how to write the card once you have bought it.

Writing a thank you card is a wonderful way to express gratitude. And nothing compares to the sincerity and impact of a physical card. Thank you cards hold a special place because they convey appreciation. It can be appreciation for gifts received, or favours done for you. Or it may simply acknowledge that you value someone’s presence in your life.

As to why you should say thank you when thank is appropriate, first it is polite to do so.

While a thank you message on social media or a text may be convenient, they lack the personal touch. We all know that we recognise a handwritten card as a genuine way to express gratitude.

Secondly, it shows that you care. Receiving a thank you card in the post says that someone cares for you. It takes effort to find the perfect card and take the time to write a sincere message. Sending a card signifies that the recipient is worth the thought and the effort.

However, writing a thank you card can be challenging. So here are six quick pointers to how to write a thank you card.

Start your message by expressing appreciation. Acknowledge the significance and usefulness of what you received. Keep it short; a thank you card doesn’t need to be lengthy. And be authentic and true to yourself.

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