Leaving Cards

Leaving cards for those seeking pastures new and adventures ahead. They’re an opportunity to tell someone you’ll miss them more than strawberries. And it’s all the best from the flock (of sheep) and we’ll miss you. Even an eye-rolling Greek statue has the good grace to say so sorry you’re leaving.

And now that you have bought your chosen card, you have to write the message. Next to sympathy cards, these are the cards that people have the most difficulty with.

So let’s see what we can say on the subject.

Moving on is part of life, or at least some people’s lives. So perhaps the first thing to do is congratulate them. Not everyone has the gumption to move.

After that you should tell them how important they have been to you, and that you are going to miss them. Yes, it has been said a thousand times before, but this is the time for you to say it. People do not think of themselves when they know someone is thinking of them.

One more thing you can do if the person is perhaps a work colleague is to remind them you’d like to hear from them. We know that everyone has the best of intentions when it comes to staying in touch with old colleagues. But as the cycle of life continues to go on, it’s easy to lose touch. So remind your colleague that you are only an email or phone call away. And tell them that you hope your paths will cross again someday.

That way you’re not putting pressure on either of you to stay in touch but they know they can reach you if they’d like.

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