Web Accessibility

This statement explains the web accessibility features we have implemented to help you use our website.

This site is generally accessible to all users. That includes the disabled, the visually impaired and those with motor deficiencies and cognitive disabilities. The site is tested by the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool.

For presentations generally, we use consistent navigation with clearly labelled menus, clear and legible fonts, high colour contrast between elements, and standard HTML and CSS web markup.

We use clear, simple language that is easy to understand, and we regularly grade our texts on the Flesch-Kinkaid scale. We do this for the benefit of all users, on the principle that easy-to-read text leads to clearer outcomes.

It is possible to use our site without having to view graphics or images. All non-text elements have ALT tag text attributes, except for where we have used decorative graphics or formatting images, which have empty ALT attributes.

That said, this is an ecommerce website selling products that rely predominantly upon their visual appeal. Although we pay attention to ALT tags, there are limitations on how well products can be described by text-only browsers.

Additionally, for the shopping cart to function, we use javascript. This is an industry standard, but it imposes some restrictions on web accessibility for those who are impaired as described above.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility, please contact us via our Contact page.

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