Father's Day Cards

Father’s Day cards for the dad in your life, because dad’s appreciate good wishes too. You may not know this factoid but dads do not get much of a look-in in the card buying derby. Birthday cards and Mother’s Day cards top the list. Poor old dads come way down.

Why do you think that is? I have my thoughts on the subject, ranging from the fact that mums would find it unforgivable not to receive a card. And they would make their feelings known very plainly. Dads on the other hand would probably feel just as bad but simply not say anything.

Or maybe dads just don’t care that much whether they receive a card. Maybe they are just not that into cards, or at least that is what they would say. What they might feel in private is something else again.

Father’s Day Is A Modern Invention

Of course, Father’s Day is a relatively modern invention.

Father’s Day was dreamed up in the USA by Sonora Smart Dodd in 1910.

Dodd invented Father’s Day specifically because she thought there ought to be a counterpart to Mother’s Day. And then the idea spread back to the UK, and so the day never followed the religious calendar. And it is celebrated in both countries on the third Sunday in June. So this year, 2020 that falls on the 21st June.

Dodd’s father was twice widowed. And he brought up Sonora and her five brothers from those two marriages, single handedly.

So when Sonora Dodd heard about the newly designated Mother’s Day, she thought there ought to be something that recognised the devotion of fathers like hers. She wanted the 5th June, her father’s birthday, but the local clergy settled on the third Sunday in June.

The Third Sunday In June

The day started locally in Washington State where Dodd lived and spread from there. In 1955 President Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday in June as Father’s day. And getting in on the act, in 1972 President Nixon made it a national day.


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