Father's Day Cards

Father’s Day is always on the third Sunday in June. This year (2020) it falls on 21st June.

How Many Father’s Day Cards Do We Send

In the UK we send a lot of Father’s Day cards.

The fact remains, though, that in the UK we send a lot more Mother’s Day cards. Why is that, one might ask? Perhaps it is because mothers are more sentimental. Perhaps. Then thinking about it, surely we know in this enlightened age that men are just as sentimental as women. Men are sentimental, but you might not think so. They show it differently. Studies show that men are better at reading the emotional signs of other men than women are. Studies also show that women think they are better at reading the emotional signs in men than men are at detecting them. Now that’s a conundrum for the sexes, if anything is.

In a nutshell, men like cards but they don’t show that they do in the way that women do. Consequently, women as a whole think that men aren’t that keen on cards.  So mother passes on the tone to children, and daughters think that fathers aren’t that bothered about card. Sons sense that dad would like a card, but do they send them? The bottom line is that men love to get cards. Dads love to get cards.

Our Father’s Day cards

On the theme of the traditional image of men, we have Big Ben and a message to Dad that he is a tower of strength. What kind of dad is he? Is he a gently giant? Perhaps he is soft spoken. Perhaps he doesn’t say much at all, but he catches on to the vibe and knows what’s going on inside his children. He doesn’t say much, but his body language is a reassuring tower of strength.

Next we have a violin that is partially finished. Its surface is sanded and really for the maker to apply polish. But it is the raw and beautiful wood we see. The unadorned wood says ‘authentic and true’, and the message says ‘Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day’

The vintage Chrysler is full on. It doesn’t sit three-quarters on to be admired. It faces us with its huge bonnet and front grill. And it carries a simple ‘Happy Father’s Day’ message.

An equally male-oriented card is the three-piece suit. A waistcoat and matching jacket and trousers. And a gold fob watch to complete the picture. The message is a simple ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and ‘To A Wonderful Dad’

The Houses Of Parliament Father’s Day card takes advantage of the traditions of that institution. One person stands before the House and says ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and the response comes from the assembled MPs ‘Hear, Hear’

A Humorous Change Of Pace

For a change of pace, to something reminiscent of Monty Python sketches, we have a Father’s Day card featuring a sheep in a walled field and a speech bubble with the sheep saying ‘Hardship? You don’t know what hardship is, my lad. In my day we slept on the moors.’ Who would it suit? It would suit a dad (perhaps a gruff dad) with a sense of humour.

And then we have Great Dad with a winking owl, and Wise Dad with an owl that sends the message ‘Happy Father’s Day – You’re a Wise Owl, Dad’

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