Father's Day Cards

Father’s Day is always on the third Sunday in June. This year (2020) it falls on 21st June.

  • A carp and thought bubbles and text 'Happy Father's Day'
  • Vintage Chrysler automobile and text, 'Happy Father's Day'
  • A large grey Father Owl with an amazed or startled expression and text 'Have An Amazing Father's Day'
  • Two koi carp swimming with their fins barely breaking the surface of the water, and a text box with text 'Happy Father's Day'
  • A man dressed in a three-piece suit in a check material and with a gold watch chain showing across his waistcoat, with text 'Happy Father's Day To A Wonderful Dad'
  • A winking owl and text 'To A Really Great Dad'
  • A seated buddha with hands together with text 'Happy Father's Day'
  • sheep with text ‘Hardship? You don’t know what hardship is, my lad. In my day we slept on the moors.’
  • The Houses Of Parliament and speech bubbles coming from within, calling out Happy Father's Day', and 'Hear Hear'
  • The Elizabeth Tower in London with text 'Happy Father's Day - You're A Tower Of Strength
  • An unvarnished violin body with an overlaid varnished area and text 'Dear Dad - Happy Father's Day'
  • A barn owl with speech bubble and text 'Happy Father's Day - You're A Wise Owl, Dad'
  • Father's Day card featuring two exotic birds on a branch. One is a father and the other is the young son and the two are sitting close with the adult bird protecting the other. And the message in the text is 'Happy Father's Day'
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