Is Paper A Renewable Resource

Is paper a renewable resource? We live in a world conscious of the damage we can do with careless treatment of the environment. So of course we interested in the answer. When we have products made, we have to consider whether the resources are renewable.

The issue is relevant to us as greeting card publishers. We want to be sure we can answer the question: Is paper a renewable resource?

Here’s the answer.

On the back of our cards is a small version of the image on the front of the card. There’s also our name and website address. And there’s a statement that the card is blank inside. Finally, you will see a statement that the card is only made from card stock from renewable sources.

In What Way Is Paper A Renewable Resource?

Paper is a renewable resource because it is made from wood pulp. Trees are a renewable resource because foresters plant new trees to grow after they fell the established trees. This makes paper a sustainable product. That is true as long as it is produced in a responsible and environmentally-friendly manner.

We are getting wiser about what that actually means. Planting trees in new plantings does not help the environment. Planting a belt of trees around an established wood helps the new trees to join into the network of fungal mycelium that turns what seems to be separate trees into a community of trees. This is the message that Peter Wohlleben and others are passing on from their years of experience.

The Chain Of Responsibility

At the other end of the chain of responsibility is the paper manufacturing processes. Modern methods incorporate recycling to reduce waste and extend the life of the raw materials. This helps to conserve resources and minimise the environmental impact of paper production. By using recycled paper, the demand for new trees is reduced. That, in turn, helps the sustainability of paper as a resource.

The Control Of Responsibility

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. It was established in 1993 as a response to concerns about deforestation and forest degradation.

Its brief is simple – to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of forests worldwide.

The FSC sets standards for responsible forest management. It does it by certifying companies and organizations that meet those standards.

And what are the standards? One is to protect forest ecosystems. Another is to respect the rights of workers and local communities. A third is to ensure that harvested wood is used in a responsible manner.

FSC certification is a voluntary process, but one that is important because responsible companies want happy customers. Those companies that want to be certified undergo an assessment by an independent auditor. Once certified, companies can use the FSC logo on their products to show that those products have been produced in a responsible manner.

Is Paper A Renewable Resource: The Chain Of Custody

The FSC also has a system for tracking certified wood from the forest to the consumer. This is called the Chain of Custody certification. It ensures that FSC-certified wood is not mixed with non-certified wood during processing. which it can do because all the wood used in the process can be traced back to its source.

At Flying Twigs we use card stock certified by the FSC, and we have our cards printed by a commercial printing firm that only uses FSC board and whose operations follow the guidelines of the FSC. So as greeting card publishers, we can answer the question whether paper a renewable resource – and say that for us it is because we are careful what paper, what card stock we use.

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