Falling Sky


A Humorous card featuring a cockerel with speech bubble and text ‘Let me absolutely assure you that the sky is not falling’

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Falling Sky

Falling sky is a humorous card featuring a cockerel with speech bubble. The text reads ‘Let me absolutely assure you that the sky is not falling’

A falling sky is a disaster of unimagined magnitude. The very basis of the trust we have that each day will be predictable, is thrown into doubt. The ground under our feet becomes something that can betray us, as in an earthquake. When we experience a storm or a cyclone or a whirlwind, it both terrifies us. And at the same time itcreates a sense of awe. We know that the Earth can be our friend and home. Yet we also know it is something capable of crushing us. And when climate change happens, we don’t know where ‘home’ begins and ends any more.

The idea of a falling sky originates with the folk tale of Henny Penny, otherwise known as Chicken Little, who believes the world is coming to an end. ‘The sky is falling!’ has passed into English as an idiom. To be precise, it denotes an hysterical and unfounded belief that disaster is imminent.

Versions Of The Story

There are several versions of the story that originate in different parts of Europe., The best-known describes a chick (a young chicken) that believes the sky is falling. It gets this idea when an acorn from an oak tree falls on its head. The chick decides to tell the king and on its journey to the palace it meets other animals. It relates its terrible warning and the other animals join the chick on the journey to the palace. In one of the most famous versions of the story, a fox invites them to back to its den. Once there in its clutches, it eats them all. In other versions, one of the animals warns Chicken Little, who escapes and gets to the palace to speak to the king.

The tale is, in its essence, a warning against the consequences of running in haste to believe bad news.

So it is good to hear the cockerel weigh in here with the pronouncement that in his more valuable opinion. No, the sky is not falling and there is no disaster that is imminent.

SKU: C0310

Falling Sky - Cockerel with speech bubble and text 'Let me absolutely assure you that the sky is not falling'
Falling Sky