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Chicken greeting card is an anti-Brexit card featuring a chicken with no idea why, and textL Why did the chicken want to leave the EU?

– Blank inside for your own message
– Printed in the UK on premium card stock
– Supplied with a white envelope

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Chicken greeting card is an anti-Brexit card featuring a chicken with no idea why, and textL Why did the chicken want to leave the EU? And the simple answer comes that ‘Nobody knows…’

And of course that is right. No one knows why Britain voted to leave the EU. Or rather, we have many threads and ideas, but nothing all encompassing to explain it.

The first thing to note is that the newspapers were pulling the EU and its regulations to pieces for years before the referendum was even mooted. Article after article lamented the odd shapes to which fruit and vegetables had to conform. Even when these reports we found to be untrue, the narrative continued. The newspapers also lamented the reams of regulations that put a fortune in salaries in the pockets of EU technocrats. And they claimed that the regulations satisfied no one and hampered the country. And so they did.

Those Ear-Worms

So when it came to the day of the referendum, there were years of that message, those ear-worms, that gnawed away at common sense.

Then there is the perennial reason that the chicken crosses the road. And that is simply to experience what it is like on the other side. There is a section of the community who believe that change cannot make things worse and might make things better. Society has not done them any favours. Perhaps they have not done themselves any favours. Or perhaps they deserve better and were not offered it.  Whichever it is, Brexit offered a future that contained an opportunity rather than a problem.

The Community Will Retaliate

And then there is immigration and taking back control of the UK’s borders. I remember David Cameron going to Brussels to talk about that before the referendum. He made the case that countries should not be subject to a one size fits all rule about freedom of movement. I don’t know how well he made the case, but there are some truths in there.

People are not units of interchangeable labour. Yet some employers look for the cheapest labour and bring in foreign workers. And the effects will be different in different countries. Britain has a small area for its population. Moreover, it is a country were people remain within a few miles of their origin over several generations. Given that scenario, if that endangers the community within which they operate, then that community will retaliate when a referendum is put before them.

SKU: B0012

Chicken greeting card features a chicken with no idea why, and text, why did the chicken want to leave the EU?